Patriotic Fireworks Snuffle Dog Mat

What’s a snuffle toy?

A snuffle mat and ball are interactive enrichment toys for your pets.

Benefits include

* Brain game for your dog by encouraging natural hunting instincts

* Slows down fast eaters

* Ideal for pets on restrictive exercise, medical issues or puppies

* Encourages attentive  and interactive play

* Improves both physical and mental health

* Helps reduce stress and anxiety


Grinchmas Collection

Items can be purchased individually or as a set. Other design options are available. Just send me a message and let me know what you’re looking for. Local pick up or shipping and gift boxing available. 13 Piece Grinch Collection (6 ornaments). $100 Individual Items 8×10 sign: $15 Days til Christmas sign (dry erase): $15 Ornaments: $6 each or 6/$30 Coffee mug: $10 Starbucks tumbler: $15 3×6 glass tile: $10 Tall Candle: $10