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Setting Up Your Profile Page on Shop My Porch

Welcome! You’re at the right place – you need to set up your profile page on Shop My Porch and I’m here to talk you through it.
Make sure you’re on a desktop computer – it doesn’t work on the phone yet. Click on the upper right that says “Vendor Sign Up”

On the dashboard – click STORE – follow instructions on uploading banner and profile picture

ADD PRODUCTS – the better your title description, the better you’ll be found when people are searching for your products. It’s a VERY robust and smart engine (Please use small photos – SIZED TO 400 X 400 PIXELS)

SCROLL DOWN: Click on/off the store opening/closing button – this turns your listing ON.
Add your address to the section ABOVE the map. This tells us where to locate you.
Take the RED PIN and drop it on the map where you want to be found.
Congratulations! You’re done and your listing should be live. If it’s not – drop a comment here and I’ll try to help you out. 🙂

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Welcome to Shop My Porch

ShopMyPorch Media Thumbnail

ShopMyPorch Media Thumbnail

Shop My Porch | Connects neighborhoods and helps small businesses
Shop My Porch was created by a local woman to help save small businesses hurting during the pandemic.

SAN DIEGO — From the looks of it, this is a festive Rancho Penasquitos front porch, but look closer and you’ll see everything is for sale (excluding the furniture and trees).

“I specialized in pandemic ornaments,” said Phyllis Cheung, the founder of

She is a San Diego maker, she makes custom gifts and specializes in wood work.

“There’s toilet paper roll with a list of everything that went wrong this year,” said Cheung.

Many local makers rely on craft fairs and markets to help them earn their primary source of income, but closures and restrictions have killed too many of these small businesses.

“Without holiday fairs their income was down to zero,” said Cheung.

“Everyone has overhead. Everyone has to buy product in order to make product,” added Cheung.

To survive the restrictive purple tier, Cheung came up with a “shop my porch” concept.

“I started out on weekend with my porch is open if you want to shop. One person at a time, wear a mask. It is safe. And so I sold out of 1,000 that weekend,” said Cheung.